Moving the data store location

By default the latest version of every file (and enough information to rebuild all the old versions) are saved in the /var/opt/docmoto folder.

These instructions are for anyone wishing to move this repository (perhaps because the disk is getting full) but continue to host it on the same server.

  1. Start a Terminal Session and run as a superuser
    sudo -s
    (you will be asked for the OSX administrator password)
  2. Stop the docmotoserver either using the System Preference or (from the Terminal session) key in
    launchctl unload /Library/LaunchDaemons/chs.docmoto.serverd.plist
  3. Create a new folder for data to reside (eg key in )
    df -g
    to see the filesystems available - for example a disk called NewDisk - and create a folder anywhere that the DocMoto user will be able to see on this disk eg
    mkdir /Volumes/NewDisk/DocMotoData
    chown -R docmoto /Volumes/NewDisk/DocMotoData
  4. Move data to this folder
    mv /var/opt/docmoto/archive  /Volumes/NewDisk/DocMotoData
  5. Replace the archive folder in /var/opt/docmoto with a link to this new folder
     ln -s /Volumes/NewDisk/DocMotoData/archive /var/opt/docmoto/archive
  6. Restart the Server either using the System Preference or key in
    launchctl load /Library/LaunchDaemons/chs.docmoto.serverd.plist

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