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Applying Tags to Multiple Folders for Re-application of Templates

As of DocMoto version 3.5 it has been possible to apply tags and their values to multiple folder.

To achieve this is a simple matter of highlighting the folders you wish to modify, selecting Edit Folder Properties and adding any tags, with associated values.

For day to day administration this feature is obviously handy. But it also has a very specific use.

The Template Name tag

DocMoto folder templates are an important and extremely popular aspect of the product, and whenever a template is applied to a parent folder a tag called Template Name is completed. As such the Template Name tag is an ideal way of identifying which folders have had which templates applied.

Re-Application of Templates

Also introduced in DocMoto 3.5 is the ability to re-apply templates to the repository, and the re-application uses the Template Name tag to indicate which folders should be considered.

Combining the Two

So these two concepts can be combined to allow an administrator to tag a folder with an appropriate Template Name and then retrospectively apply that template to that folder.

The main benefit of this being that it is an ideal way to simply re-organise a repository that was not originally created using templates!

An Example

A legal firm has imported a large volume of material into a new DocMoto installation. The import has already separated clients into a number of folders, eg: Clients A-C, Clients D-F and so on.

They have created a templated called "New Client" which creates a number of folders and sub folders whenever a new client is added.

Ideally though they would like all their existing clients to have folder structures matching the structure defined by the "New Client" template.

To achieve this is now a relatively simple matter.

  1. Starting with folder Clients A-C, select in one go all the sub folders and modify their properties such that the tag Template Name has a value "New Client".
  2. Repeat this procedure until all client folders are thus tagged.
  3. Open Template Manager, select the "New Client" template, tick the Apply this template retrospectively on save option and close.
  4. All the client folders will now be re-organised to match the "New Client" template's structure.

For a complete overview of retrospectively applying templates see the following article.

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