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Setting up DocMoto Sharing

Setting up DocMoto Sharing

One of the great features in DocMoto is the ability to share files with non-DocMoto users.

The feature has been specifically designed for those occasions where a DocMoto user wants to temporarily share one or more files, possibly with somebody outside of the company such as legal co-counsel.

For security reasons DocMoto sharing is not enabled by default, and must be enabled both at a server level and an individual user level.

We strongly advise users who want to use Sharing obtain and install an SSL certificate.


The DocMoto web client version 3.8 or greater must be installed before you can use sharing. You can find instructions on installing the web client here.

Server level Setup

Users of the DocMoto cloud service must specifically request that Sharing is enabled on their server. You can contact DocMoto support for this.

For on-premise users the server is configured through the sharing.conf file held in /var/opt/docmoto/settings/conf.d

To enable sharing at the server level the steps are as follows:

  1. Open the Terminal app by typing "terminal" into Spotlight.
  2. You need to be the root user so type sudo -s followed by the superuser password.
  3. Navigate to the settings folder using the cd command.
    cd /var/opt/docmoto/settings/conf.d
  4. Open sharing.conf in your command line editor of choice, eg vi
  5. Find the element, remove the comment lines, set the value to "yes" and set the value of to be the URL of your DocMoto web client with "share" appended, as below.
    NB. All sharing and web client traffic should use secure https (SSL). If you are using a non-standard port such as 4444 then the URL needs to reflect that.
  6. Save the server config file and restart the DocMoto server from inside System Preferences

User level Setup

Before a user can create a share their profile must be adjusted. This is done as follows:

  1. Open the DocMoto client and log in as a member of the administrators group.
  2. From the Admin menu select Users and Groups.
  3. Select the user you want and make sure the Allow Sharing option is checked.
  4. Close the user's profile and that will save the setting change.

Setting up a Share

Once configured setting up a share is easy and takes seconds.

  1. Highlight the folder or file you want to share.
  2. From the File menu select the Create Share option.
  3. Configure settings as appropriate and mail the share link to your recipients.

    For security passwords are not added to any emails generated to send share links. We suggest that passwords are communicated seperately from the link.

NB. Shares only allow you to share a folder and its files. Shares do not support sub folders.

Share reports

DocMoto ships with a summary and detail share report.

You will find them in the Reports folder in examples within DocMotoConfig.

If you already have reports installed then simply copy the Shares folder into your Reports folder on the root of DocMotoConfig.

If you have not already installed reports all you need to do is copy the Reports folder within DocMotoConfig/Examples to the root of DocMotoConfig.

Once you have installed the new reports log out of the DocMoto client, then log back in and you will see the new reports listed under the Reports menu.

NB. By default the DocMotoConfig folder is not visible. To see it go to the Admin menu and check the Show Admin Folders option.

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