Invalid Document Structure Error

On rare occasions users may find when connecting to DocMoto they get an XML Error: invalid document structure and are not able to connect.

When this happens it is generally because something has changed on the computer; this could be a change of User Name for that machine for example.

To re-establish connection to DocMoto try the following steps:

  1. In Finder click on Go in the toptool bar and select the Go to Folder... option
  2. Paste the following into the folder field: ~/Library/DocMoto/connections/ (don't forget to include
    the ~ at the beginning - this is important)
  3. There will be a folder in here with your server connection name
  4. Rename your server connection name to server connection name _old
  5. Go to DocMoto client and reconnect.

If you cannot connect after following these steps please email support.

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