Floating Users are being disconnected

Ever wondered why your floating users keep being disconnected?

If your licence includes a number of floating users once the limit have connected DocMoto will not accept any further connections from other floating users. Activity of floating users is monitored and if no activity is detected within 30 minutes their connection is automatically closed. This frees up licences' and allows other floating users to connect.

If the licence has been taken from a user who was connected but has not been active for over 30 minutes when they try and do something within DocMoto they will be informed that they have been disconnected. If the floating user licence limit has not been used up they will be able to reconnect, but if it has reached its limit they will have to wait until a licence is free before they can connect.

However, if your floating users 'cleanly' disconnect once they have the finished using the system and not leave the connection open and inactive the licence allocated to them at the time of connection is killed off resetting the licence count so other floating users can connect.

If you think your users are not cleanly disconnecting, rather they just put DocMoto in the background, go idle and are disconnected it would be beneficial to make then aware and change the way they use DocMoto.

Named users will not be denied a login or be disconnected once the number of floating users has been hit. They should not be logged off after a period of inactivity either.

If you think you should increase the amount of floating users please contact our sales team to discuss.

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