File monitoring on Mavericks

The way Apple treat a file that has not been edited for a certain period of time is different in Mavericks and the latest version of Mountain Lion. When Mountain Lion was first released a lock was put on a file which had to be manually unlocked before being able to edit. Now when a file is opened it is automatically unlocked and behind the scenes a new time date stamp is added to the file immediately before it has been edited.

DocMoto's monitoring system sees the new time date stamp as the file being changed and modified and could lead to users seeing more notifications of a file being changed.

There are some things users can do to minimise this.

When the DocMoto notification pops up click 'Not Now'. The opened file will continue to be monitored and when editing has finished and the file saved DocMoto will notice the change and prompt again. If there are no changes to the file and nothing to be saved users won't be prompted for changes, but the file will remain checked out.

Change your DocMoto preferences - a couple of ways to stop being informed of any changes.

Open DocMoto Client Preferences. Under the Upload tab there is a section for 'Monitor Local DocMoto contents for changes'. If users don't want to be notified of any changes set the 'Options' drop down list to 'Do NOT Monitor'.

If users would like to be notified of some file types changing, but exclude applications that are being prompted for more regularly (Apple Numbers for example) select the drop down option 'Changes and New Files EXCEPT...'.

In the Exclude List field enter file types to be excluded from monitoring (.numbers and .pages for example separated by a comma and no spaces. The Exclude list would read .numbers,.pages)

A fix which won't notify as soon as a file is opened for editing will be released in the near future.

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