'Overwrite' warning

Why do I get a warning that a file already exists on my computer?

DocMoto is warning you that a file with the same name already exists on your local machine and that if you overwrite you will lose all changes you've made to your local copy and be overwritten by the version stored on the DocMoto server.

A couple of explanations why this could be happening are:

You check a file out. An administrator cancels the checkout. You then check out the file again and you are going to be told that the file already exists on your local machine, as it wasn't you who checked the file in or cancelled it.

Imagine the scenario where you're working from the office and then at home on different machines. You check the file out in the office. You then log into DocMoto from home and check the file out. Check the file in from home. Your work machine still has the file on its file system. You then either view the file or check it in on your work machine and you will be prompted that the file already exists. Overwriting will be the version stored in the DocMoto server.

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