Calendar Entries not Appearing after El Capitan Upgrade

Upgrading to El Capitan can cause DocMoto to stop adding entries to Calendar.

There are two possible issues, firstly the script which controls the entries may need modifying, and secondly security may need re-applying.

Script Modification

The script located in DocMotoConfig/Scripts controls calendar entries.

Calendar 8 no longer supports ToDo so this must be removed from the script.

NEVER adjust scripts using TextEdit, it can add formatting which will stop the script from executing. Instead we recommend using a purpose code editor such as the free TextWrangler editor.

Edit the script by checking it out of DocMoto and removing the lines below

if "$TYPE" is "ToDo" then
set newItem to make new todo at end with properties {description:"$NOTES", summary:"$TITLE", due date:theDate}

set newItem to make new event at end with properties {description:"$NOTES", summary:"$TITLE", start date:theStartDate, end date:theEndDate, url:"$URL", allday event:"$ALLDAY" }
end if

Once done save the file and check it back in.

Re-Applying Security

DocMoto must be given specific permission to access Calendar. This permission can be revoked after an upgrade or other changes to your system.

This problem usually appears initially with a pop-up message "DocMotoClient" would like to access your calendar but when selecting OK a further DocMoto error script message will appear, which requires you to select Abandon and no entry is added.

Several other messages may appear, and ultimately you will need to quit the DocMoto client.

In most cases the problem will resolve itself by simply repeating the procedure.

If this does not solve the problem then it is worth checking that OS X has assigned the DocMotoClient sufficient security.

To check this go to System Preferences then Security & Privacy. Select the Privacy tab and choose Calendars from the list. You should see the DocMotoClient now listed in the right hand pane.

Simply de-select and re-select it.

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