Changing the floating user timeout

Changing the timeout period of inactivity for a floating user can be changed. Please note that the default of 30 minutes has been carefully thought out though, as this is the time a floating users licence will remain open and active in the background. Once the user count has been reached other floating users cannot connect until floating users either disconnect or are logged out after the inactivity period.

You will need to open Terminal and sign in with super user privileges.

On the machine that has your DocMoto Server key in the following:

cd /var/opt/docmoto/settings/

vi serverConfig.config

Scroll down to the following section:

<auth namedusertimeout="43200" floatingusertimeout="1800"></auth>

Change the value of the 'floatingUserTimeout' to the time you require. The time is set in seconds so 1800 seconds amounts to 30 minutes.

When done click esc : x to save the file.

The DocMoto Server will need to be restarted to affect the change so best done when users aren't connected to the system.

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