DocMoto server fails to install on Catalina Server

If users have issues installing the DocMoto server on macOS Catalina server version failing to install follow these steps:

  1. Open Terminal application.
  2. Sign in as the machine's super user by typing:
    sudo -s
  3. Enter the super user password and press enter.
  4. Change directory to /etc:
    cd /etc
  5. Create a file named sysctl.conf:
    touch sysctl.conf
  6. Edit the sysctl.conf file. To open type:
    vi sysctl.conf
  7. Enter i to access Insert mode.
  8. Copy and paste the following syntax:
  9. Save the file by typing:
  10. Reboot the machine.
  11. Install DocMoto server.
  12. Install DocMotoServer.prefpane.

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