Can't see tags that were created in Tag Manager

The tag definitions are held in ordinary DocMoto files and can be checked out. (They are XML and not particularly easy to understand so we don't normally recommend it). Whilst checked out you will not see any changes when you run Tag Manager. This is meant to be in case you aren't happy with the changes you are considering and don't want other users to see these tags until you are ready.

You will be able to check them in by going to the Admin/Show Admin Folders menu and the MetaTags folder can be found under DocMotoConfig in the tree view. In particular check that UserTags.xml is not checked out and if it is then check it back in again. To get the latest version of the checked-in tags, all users (including yourself) will need to disconnect and log back in again.

If when checking the UserTags.xml file it is saying it is not a correct file format Undo Lock (Discard Changes) instead on that file and start again in Tag Manager (your previous additions will not be saved). Please note that you cannot start a tag with a number.

DocMoto should check the XML files back in when Tag Manager is closed, however, if it encounters any problems then it will 'fail safe' and leave them checked out.

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